Private tours - the travelers best Corona countermeasure:
IIf you are traveling in 2020, you might feel nervous about the Corona Covid-19 virus. A private tour is most likely one of the best countermeasures against the risk of infection as you have reduced exposure. See what countermeasures we are setting in motion by ourselves in this article.

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"The most authentic Fjord Safari in Norway"

Never in the history of Private Tours in Norway has a tour got so many 5-star ratings from its participants. What has taken other operators years to establish was surpassed in numbers of customer feedback in just three months. It is described as "Norway's most authentic Fjord Safari," and the reviews from our previous clients are a must-read. The combination of local knowledge and the fact that we ONLY use guides born and bred in the area has made this tour to what it is.

When the Bergen - Voss railway opened in July 1883, it was no longer a need for the fjord as a means of transportation. For 135 years, the scenarios of this genuinely unique fjord were forgotten, -even by locals. As the very first travelers took the re-opened trail in late 2018, it became clear that the entire tour was an Instagram overloaded excursion that was exceeding all of our traveler's expectations.  Please don't take our word for it, but rather read what our guests say here: Trip Advisor Reviews


NOTICE: The popularity of this tour makes availability hard to find availability unless booking well in advance. We are limited to one boat per day on this particular route, meaning max two daily departures.
Please book early to secure your spot. Max 8 travelers per tour. 

The tour can also be booked by our private Charter Yacht M/Y VERĐANDI. The yacht is a classic Grand Banks Trawler Yacht that fits groups of up to 12 persons and offers an Eco Friendly journey with it's low consumption and graceful speed through the Veafjord Scenery. It is fitted with a large flybridge that provides a unique photo platform. The waters of the Veafjord is highly protected the water is like a mirror most of the time. No one EVER suffers seasickness on this tour.

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Booking early saves money....

For US Citizens and any others using USD as their currency when traveling, -there is great news if considering a vacation to Norway!

The Norwegian Krone is over the past year gotten way weaker against USD and this means a more affordable vacation if booking in January. As currencies have seasonal changes, it is simply smart to book early - as the Norwegian krone seems to again getting stronger against USD in December.

It seems like the news for our 2020 season travelers are great - if booking early.

Compared to Jan 1'st 2019 the USD has now increased its value towards the Norwegian Krone with more than 2%. And as an extra offer - we have decided to not put annual price raise in effect until February 1'st.

This means that booking your tour in January will save you a minimum of 5,5% compared to early birds last year. Bookings made on our own website will not be affected by annual price adjustment for those booking in January. 


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Important to know about Norway


Local Tour Operator -

Local Knowledge

In the booming tourism industry of Norway, it is easy to get lost as a traveler. And in a high-cost country like ours, it goes without saying that there's a lot of people ready to have their cut of your vacation budget. We are no exception in that matter.

But when you pay top dollar - you better make sure you get top locals.......

Norway Fjord Travel does only hire born and bred locals that have that particular personal skill set that is needed to get along with travelers from various places and cultures. Moreover, we pick the ones that have that sparkling personality and who actually love what they do. That way we utilize the best sides of our employees to match with our client's needs and wishes. 

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The Veafjord by Zodiac speedboat

Norway's highest rated private tour is the Fjord-safari by Zodiac speed boat to the road-less Veafjord. This unique fjord is only accessible by boat, and as a result - completely off the radar to most people. Also the tour has a limit of about 300 travelers each year - that make it a preferred destination for high-end travelers.

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