We need more Guides for 2019
Øystein is a shareholder in Norway Fjord Travel and a brilliant Guide. Here with two of our Indian guests at Flåmsbana

Guides needed in Bergen - Oslo - Ålesund

Norway Fjord Travel is a sightseeing & overnight stay company that tours guests while on vacation in Norway. Our guests are 100% foreigners, and the majority comes from the US in states like California, and the greater New York area along with clients from Massachusetts, Illinois and a few more. US Citizens make a total of 68% of our guests. Other "big countries" is India, the Philippines, and the Asian region.



For the season of May to August we need several good Guides / drivers that are freelancers to our company. As of February 12'th, we have already sold out 55% of our capacity in June.

What are we looking for?
You are a guy or girl who loves going on a road trip with your car 
and who are even more thrilled to be in the company of guests that are paying you for it. You are enthusiastic, friendly and understands that if you provide the service level the guests are looking for: They will most likely tip you well.

You are very up to speed on using applications like Google Maps and will receive your sightseeing routes directly in this application. You use and are entirely familiar with WhatsApp, as this is the travelers and the office's prime method of communication. Also, you have a PayPal account as this is the channel we use to forward your payment.

We prefer that your age is above 30, but if you are good - we are of course making exceptions. We also are primarily using Norwegian Guides and must emphasize that we don't care about the color of your skin. The reason we prefer Norwegians is that a native has more relevant historical info to share with the traveler. However, if you can provide a reasonable good telling about Norwegian history - we are likely to want you in the team. Enthusiasm always beats factual stories. History can be learned; Enthusiasm is a gift from the Gods.

How is a "normal day"as a Guide?
A client is booking a journey with us, and we launch the job to our freelancers. In this process, we agree on the price, and we will pay you by PayPal or even Vipps if you are selected for the job.


When accepted you will have a route sent to your phone and a pick-up address for the people going on tour. Most of the pick-up's are at Hotels and you will go to the reception area and find the travelers. Make sure you are appropriately dressed, as for how you look is highly essential if you are in the game of getting good and getting a tip. A proverb is: Dont dress for the job you have. Dress for the job you wanna have. Our VIP guides always use formal / semiformal attire. This means a nice blazer jacket, nice pants and shoes, and a shirt. Women are encouraged to use makeup, but not overdo it. Modesty is a good way.

From the hotel, you are quickly going out of town and follow the route on your map. The best drivers will study the route either online or take a tour by themselves to be prepared. And the more prepared, the better your rating will be. (The clients are rating your performance after the tour).

Stops along the route will be marked and when back in the car (either your own or ours) you press continue route in the app and start the next leg. A typical route is shown here:


As you see this route has a ferry and you are passing toll points two times during the day. These costs have to be inclusive in the price you give us. In other words, you are to charge for the fuel you use for a distance of 179 kilometers, two times passing a toll point and the ferry cost. In addition, comes your time. A route that involves 4 hours of driving, takes typically 7,5 hours to complete as a result of the sightseeing. Each stop takes about 10-15 minutes, also, comes lunch that usually takes 30-50 minutes. For the route in the example, you can expect to start your day at 0800 at the Hotel and be back at the hotel at roughly 1600 hrs.

What is a freelancer?
A freelancer is a person paid on a task to task-based model. You are thereby not employed by us, but by yourself. Typical freelancers are persons who can deliver a job and a lot of journalists works this way. Exemplified is a person who loves writing and from time to time have extra time where they write an article about travel (or anything else) and gets paid from the publisher when the article is accepted. We use freelancers as the travel industry is greatly affected by seasons, and the majority of our tasks are done during May to August.


Do you need anything else?
Yes, you need to speak English VERY WELL. A guide that speaks poorly will not be accepted as one of our freelancers. We never want the clients to be in a conversation where they have to fill in words because you were not able to make yourself understood. It is quite all right to forget a word, but then you have to make the conversation explain what you tried to say in a manner that is acceptable.

Do I need a education or a license as a Guide?

No, - the title Guide is not protected and whoever who wants can call themselves a Guide or Tour Host in Norway. The so-called "official guides" often refer to that they have a strict training programme with exams and so on, and advertise this as their selling point. From experience, we know that a majority of the "official guides" are extremely boring, and thereby we focus on finding personalities that understand that the people we guide are here on vacation. Not to participate at a university lecture about Stave Churches, old buildings and dead Viking Kings. Most guests simply like a chill day and a good beer.

What about you being a foreigner?
We accept foreigners (non Norwegians) when we are sure that your personality type can outweigh the lack of living here for a long time. A sparkling personality can make anything happen and we are always looking for that twinkle in a person's eye telling that he or she "Loves what they are doing".  You still must speak English VERY WELL and we are currently looking for persons that are fluent in Spanish 
and Portuguese. In other words, people from South America are encouraged to apply. Make sure your confidence is the type that just says's: "I am the right person!"






























Driving and driving license!
All Guides must have a driving license for more than 5 years. You must be able to drive in a manner that not exceeds speed limits and who feels comfortable to your passengers. You can not text while driving as this is both illegal and not accepted by our guests. Imagine at all times that a hot cup of coffee is placed on your dashboard. You have to have a driving style that do not spill a drop. 

Cultural & Religious understanding
We have people from diverse cultural and religious backgrounds and this is something that you have to think about as a Guide. A comment that is common in Norway, might be outrageous to a client from the American mid-west region. The very same applies to e.g an Arabian female traveler, who for example don't shake hands with men outside their family. Conversational topics to avoid is: Religion, Politics (including the Guy with the haircut and Twitter account) and matters of sexualy loaded potential to make misunderstandings. Even we are used to persons being openly LBGT in Norway, we don't discuss these matters with our clients. As a company we encourage persons with LBGT background to apply, but this is as you understand not something we "flag" to our clients.


















But how much money do I make?
As mentioned we are inquiring the customers after you are finished about how they felt along with you. If they say: "Gina was superb and the most entertaining person we met while here! Her driving was perfect and none of our questions went unanswered" - You are going to make a very fair payment and then some. If the answer is oposite and the guest says, "The tour felt very prescripted and the Guide was not able to elaborate when we asked" - It goes without saying that you will not be contacted again. 

The payment is divided in two. Firstly comes the price you give us for the job. This amount you will be fully paid after completing the job. The second part is the tip that the customers will pay because they found you to be the perfect host.

A good guide will normally not have problems to be tipped 100 USD to 100 EUR each day. A good guide can also experience walking their shoes off for the clients' sake, and not have a single dollar in
tip. As the main portion of our guests are US based, they are highly used to tip when they are satisfied. An Indian traveler will most likely not tip at all, as this is not a part of their culture. The same applies to Asian travelers. You will be trained in how to get tipped, as this is a matter of learning the techniques of tipping psychology.

What is next?
If any of this seems like it is interesting your next move should be:
Send a voice message in English to +47 4100 2250 (Norwegian number) by using WhatsApp. Tell a little about yourself in the message, as this way we can determine if your language skills are at the level we wish. We will also hear your enthusiasm and this works better for us than if you write a long word document using a spell checker. 


What we want to know is:

  • What's your name and age, and where are you from.

  • Where do you live currently, and if outside centrum please tell the distance to the city.

  • What is your age, and do you have a wife, husband, children?

  • What kind of car do you have, and can you use this in your Guiding?

  • What kind of languages do you speak?

  • What type of person would you say you are, and have you ever done a personality test?

  • By the way, a great personality test is found here: https://www.16personalities.com/free-personality-test Try it!!!


Do you have particular skills or hobbies like cooking, baking, love to take a hike, do a kayak tour or any other that might be of value? (We have a lot of guests who like hiking with a guide). Please mention if you do.

Dont have WhatsApp ? Download it from https://www.whatsapp.com/download/

Bjorn has a background as a photographer and is born and bred in Bergen. His background from living in warm California makes him the preferred Guide for Americans. Being an adult is an advantage as our guests are having an average age of 54+. Bjorn always has a humorous comment and is greatly rewarded for his conversational skills in the reviews.

Bjorn has more top reviews/endorsements than any other Guide in Norway by January 2019 with a average rating of 5.0.


Norway, Bergen +47 4100 2250  / US California +1 760 3137 800

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