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Dear potential customer. Unlike most other companies, Norway Fjord Travel does not have a sales team!
We don't want to do hard sales and textbook examples about "getting the booking".

Instead, you are communicating directly with our Guides who can give the best advice for your potential tour. This way we limit the possibility that vital information is lost on the "road" between customer and supplier. We would encourage you to use WhatsApp in your communication, and to ask in advance to have some patience with us. We are not always able to reply as quick as we want - as satisfying the customer on-site means more to us than chasing the "next sale".

As a few reviews outline, this might be fustrating - but once you are here you will see that our Guides are giving you full attention - and not sitting deeply into their phones. We hope you see this the way we do 

Click to send a WhatsApp / Viber message to:

+47 4100 2250 (Norway Office)
+1 760 9068 390 (California Branch)

Torgallmenningen 2 Bergen Norway 5014

Bergen NO Office +47 4100 2250

US Branch Office: +1 760 9068 390

2018 Season's most fun group, from Chennai, India
If it was even remotely an option to give travelers ratings and reviews, these 8 Indian travelers would get 6 out of 5 possible. Our story started in January where they made contact to have an ultimate Norwegian experience planned, based on their own research. Some 6 months later we did a ten-day tour starting from Oslo and going all over the mountains and Fjords to Ålesund, Geiranger, The Troll Ladder road, the famous Atlantic road (on the picture) and following the scenic coastal road down to Bergen. They did combine several of our "of the shelf" tours into a multi-day package where they were able to enjoy absolutely every great destination in Norway - without the hassle of renting cars and hauling luggage along the "Nutshell trail".

Great communication by utilizing WhatsApp for instant messaging and clear wishes and budget was factors that lead to the greatest tour we had and from a supplier's point of view - this group did everything right from the beginning to the end. There is no better thing than our customizable tours as our Guides know every nook and cranny of the fjords and the lesser-used and scenic roads. You can read their review by clicking here to open TripAdvisor.  

Norway, Bergen +47 4100 2250  / US California +1 760 3137 800

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