Private tours - the best Corona countermeasure

If you are traveling in 2020, you might feel nervous about the Corona Covid-19 virus. A private tour is most likely the best countermeasure against the risk of infection as you have reduced exposure.


As you might know, the Corona virus spreads trough droplet contamination. And the more people that are in one location, the more likely it is to be exposed to the virus. This might be one of the explanations that private tours this year seem to have even higher growth in sales than the numbers expected.

To make sure that your health is taken care of - we are from February 6'th doing a complete disinfection of cars between each passenger group. The same is done with surfaces on the boats and all shared equipment.


The benefits of private tours are well known already. You are by yourself, and you avoid the hassle of having to follow the masses while being herded around. The second thing that comes in like a factor this year is that your exposure to the possible virus spreading on busses or trains is avoided.


Norway Fjord Travel now sees an increase in bookings, despite several cancellations in the first weeks after the Coronavirus was discovered. One of the reasons our passengers are giving is the obvious lowered risk of being in a private vehicle compared to the more extensive group travels done by train.


From our side, we take active measures to protect our travelers and Guides. We disinfect the vehicle after each tour, and don't allow non-registered travelers while the car is in transit from A to B. Furthermore we maintain the advised countermeasures against virus spreading from the Norwegian Health Authority and urge all to read up on these found here:  

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